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Loammi Baldwin to General Washington



Chelsea, August 13, 1775.

MAY IT PLEASE YOUR EXCELLENCY: I herewith send two men who deserted from the Lively, man-of-war, this morning, about three o' clock, and were taken up by our guard at Chelsea Beach, and conducted to me by a file of men.

We have had a small brush with the enemy to-day, which began about twelve o' clock, and ended about quarter of one, occasioned by two barges and two sail-boats going up to the floating battery, that lay near a neck of land at Charlestown, and bearing rather too near Malding Point; suppose Captain Lindsey' s Company suspected they had some evil design, or a mind to revenge past injuries, gave them a pretty smart fire, which made them return down the river, and with their swivel-guns and small-arms began a fire at our Chelsea soldiers, who returned the fire briskly. Having been alarmed by the first firing at Malding, one of the sail-boats came round near to the old wreck upon Winnisimit, where we gave them the best we had, and they soon made off down among the shipping, and the firing ceased. We suffered no damage by them; there was a great number of balls struck one of the boats, and believe wounded, if not killed, some of the men. Some of our men declare that they saw a number drop, as if they were shot dead, when a volley was fired from our men; its certain they never appeared much in sight again. Nothing extraordinary has appeared since. I send the observation as usual.

I am, with much esteem, your Excellency' s most obedient humble servant,