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Resolved, That Mr˙ John Webb, heretofore appointed to purchase Arms for this Province, do deliver all the Arms, by him purchased, to Colonel Jethro Sumner, for the use of the Soldiers of the Third Regiment, under his command; and that Mr˙ Webb take Colonel Sumner' s receipt for the same.

Resolved, That Edward Yarbrough be appointed Ensign in Captain Jacob Turner' s Company of Foot, in the American Army, of the Third Regiment, in the room of Benjamin Morgan, resigned.

Resolved, That the Treasurers, or either of them, pay into the hands of William Kennon, Esquire, Commissary to


the First Regiment, two thousand Pounds, that he enter into bond, with security, faithfully to account for the same, and be allowed in their accounts with the publick.

The Chairman of the Committee of Claims reported that Colonel Joseph Taylor was allowed six hundred and sixty-two Pounds four Shillings and two Pence, for the services of the Granville Regiment of Militia; Colonel Charles Eaton, one hundred and sixty-nine Pounds six Shillings and nine Pence, for services of the Granville Light-Horse; Bennet Crafton, twenty-three Pounds twelve Shillings, for services as Adjutant of the Militia in Granville County; and Peter Dauge, eighty-four Pounds eight Shillings and six Pence, for bringing up Macknight' s Negroes, and for handcuffs.

The House, considering the same, concurred therewith.

The Congress adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.