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Account of the cruise of an American sloop-of-war


Philadelphia, October 7, 1776.

We are informed by authentick intelligence that an American sloop-of-war of twelve guns and seventy men, sailed


from the Delaware the 21st of August. She cruised between the latitudes of 39° and 33C north, and went to the eastward as far as the longitude of 50° west, having taken three prizes, a whaler, and two West-Indiamen, and having had a very narrow escape from an English frigate after a six hours' chase, part of the time within pistol shot. On the 14th September she bent her course for Nova-Scotia, and on the 20th had another action with an English frigate, and in the course of an eight hours' chase ridiculed the enemy, and answered his broadside with only a single musket.

The next day she went into Canso and took three English schooners, with a Scotch Tory' s flag, although the Savage and Dawson' s brig were within a few leagues distance. The day following she took five sail of Jerseymen, in Narrow-Hook, and four more in Peter de Great. It is remarkable, that though their men were ten to one, they were so panick struck that they not only gave up their ships but even assisted to rig and carry them out of their harbour. The sloop then proceeded to the westward, took another whaler on St˙ George' s Bank, and on the 7th October arrived safe at Rhode-Island, having manned and sent in eight prizes, viz: six brigantines, one ship, and one sloop, and sunk, burnt, and destroyed eight more, viz : six schooners, one ship, and one brigantine, and finished her cruise in six weeks and five days.