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Petition presented from William Richardson


Tuesday, October 22, 1776.

Convention met. All Members present as on yesterday, except Mr˙ Dent.

The Proceedings of yesterday were read.


A Petition from William Richardson, setting forth that he, at the time of the alarming appearance of a hostile fleet under the direction of Lord Dunmore, on the 13th of July last, observed a Sloop drifting towards the shore, within about a mile and a half of his dwelling-house, and a barge from the fleet rowing towards her, which soon scuttled the said Sloop; that he went off with his own negroes, intending to board her and save everything on board the said Sloop he possibly could; and he accordingly saved and brought away a mainsail, topsail, and gib, a quantity of old iron, thirty-six pair of iron hinges, and fifty-three cow hides; and that all the said articles were sent for and taken away by Captain Uriah Forrest; and praying to be authorized to receive a moiety of the said articles procured by him as aforesaid, — was read and ordered to lie on the table.