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Resolution of Congress


IN CONGRESS, March 14, 1776: Resolved, That it be recommended to the several Assemblies, Conventions, and Committees or Councils of Safety, of the United Colonies, immediately to cause all persons to be Disarmed, within their respective Colonies, who are notoriously disaffected to the cause of America, or who have not associated, and shall refuse to associate, to defend by arms these United Colonies against the hostile attempts of the British Fleets and Armies; and to apply the Arms taken from such persons, in each respective Colony, in the first place to the arming the Continental Troops raised in said Colony; in the next, to the arming such Troops as are raised by the Colony for its own defence; and the residue to be applied to the arming the Associators. That the Arms, when taken, be appraised by indifferent persons; and such as are applied to the arming the Continental Troops be paid for by the Congress, and the residue by the respective Assemblies, Conventions, or Councils, or Committees of Safety.