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Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Parish of South-Haven



At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Parish of South-Haven, in the County of Suffolk, and Colony of New-York, the 13th of June, 1774.

Mr˙ WILLIAM SMITH, Moderator.

It is voted and agreed, that the Act of Parliament, for blocking up the harbour of Boston, is unconstitutional, and has a direct tendency to enslave the inhabitants of America, and put an end to all property.

And it is also the opinion of this meeting, that if the Colonies all unite, and strictly, adhere to a non-importation agreement from Great Britain and the West Indies, and have no trade with them, we should have great reason to expect in a short time a repeal of that oppressive Act; and for that purpose we do heartily desire that such an agreement may be entered into.


And it is further voted and agreed by this meeting, that the following gentlemen, viz: William Smith, Esquire, Colonel Nathaniel Woodhull, Colonel William Floyd, Mr˙ Thomas Fanning, Captain Josiah Smith, Captain David Mulford, and Captain Jonathan Baker, be a Standing Committee for this place, to correspond with the Committee of Correspondence in the City of New-York and others; and that they do immediately communicate the above sentiments to them.

Signed by order of the meeting,