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Oath to be Taken by Persons Disarmed by Committees


Resolved, That all persons who shall be disarmed by the Town. and County Committees, and other suspected persons


who have not taken up arms against this Colony, shall be required to take the following Oath, on pain of imprisonment, viz:

"I do solemnly and sincerely swear on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God, that during the present unhappy contest between Great Britain and America, I will not, under any pretence whatever, oppose, or take up arms to oppose, the measures of the Continental or Provincial Congress, or any Troops raised by, or acting under, the authority of either; nor will I directly, or indirectly, either personally or by letter, counsel, advise, or give intelligence to any of his Majesty' s Governours, Generals, Officers, Soldiers, or others, employed by land or sea, to carry into execution and enforce obedience to the several acts of the British Legislature, deemed oppressive to these Colonies I will not, by example, opinion, advice, or persuasion, endeavour to prejudice the people, or any of them, in favour of Parliamentary measures, or against those recommended by the General and Provincial Congresses, until it shall please God to restore peace and good understanding to the contending powers."