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Council of North-Carolina



At a Council held at Newbern, the 2d of April, 1775,

Present: His Excellency the Governour, the Hon˙ Jas˙ Hasell, Hon˙ John Rutherford, Hon˙ Lewis H˙ De Rossett, Hon˙Alexander McCulloh, Samuel Strudwicke, Martin Howard, and Samuel Cornell, Esquires.

His Excellency acquainted the Board that he had received His Majesty' s commands to use his utmost endeavours to prevent the appointment of Deputies from this Colony, to attend another Congress intended to be held at Philadelphia, in the month of May next. And as a Convention is appointed by advertisement to meet to-morrow in Newbern, for the choice of such Delegates, His Excellency desired the advise of the Council what measures, were proper to be taken to prevent the meeting of such unlawful assembly. The Board were unanimously of opinion that His Excellency had no other means than to issue a Proclamation to forbid the holding of the proposed Convention, and to declare that such proceedings would be highly


offensive to His Majesty; upon which His Excellency issued the following