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Thomas Palmer to New-York Congress



Newburgh, in Ulster County, February 12, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Mr˙ William Martin, of New-Marlborough Precinct, in Ulster County, has inlisted fifty-seven men towards a company, for the standing troops to be raised for this Province the ensuing season. The enclosed papers will fully show the laudable principles he set out upon, which I recommend to your consideration. I have encouraged him that I did not doubt but they will meet with your approbation. Mr˙ Martin is a worthy man, much attached to the liberties of his country, and no doubt a good soldier, as he served three campaigns the last war, and was distinguished for a man of courage. You will understand by one of the enclosed papers, he has the recommendation of the Committee of his Precinct, and as he has been at considerable cost and trouble in raising those men for so necessary a purpose, I beg you will favour him with a warrant for filling up his company. People in general, in this County, are very spirited for the cause, and I make no doubt but one-fourth part of our Militia would inlist in the standing forces if wanted.

I am, very respectfully, gentlemen, your most humble servant,


To the Chairman of the Provincial Congress for the Province of New-York.