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New-Jersey Committee of Safety, Application


Application was made from the Committee of the County of Morris to this Committee, recommending Jacob Ford, Jr˙, to be commissioned Colonel; Ellis Cook, Lieutenant-Colonel; Cornelius Ludlow, First Major; Eleazer


Lindsley, Second Major; and John Doughty, Adjutant, of the Eastern Regiment of Militia, in the County of Morris.

Ordered, That Commissions be issued, agreeable to the above recommendation.

Ordered, That the Prisoners of War, now in the Barracks at Trenton, be removed from thence by the Committee of Observation of that town, to such convenient quarters as they may be able to procure, in order that the Continental Forces may occupy the said Barracks; and that the expenses in providing quarters for such Prisoners be paid out of the Provincial money in the Treasury.

Ordered, That the President write to the Continental Congress, acquainting them that the Congress of this Province are to meet this month, at which time they will, undoubtedly, give all due attention to raising the Battalion ordered in this Colony; this Committee having, for weighty reasons, deferred issuing warrants till meeting of Congress, being firmly persuaded that the appointment of officers by the Congress will give much greater satisfaction in the Colony than if appointed by this Committee; at the same time recommend Azariah Dunham, Esq˙, to be appointed Commissary for supplying such Battalion, when raised.

The Committee adjourned their present sitting.