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Letter from General Washington to the Governour-General of the French part of St. Domingo


Head-Quarters, Haerlem Heights, ten miles from New-York, October 7, 1776.

SIR: I yesterday had the honour of receiving your letter of the 4th August, and I take the earliest opportunity of testifying the pleasure I have in complying with your request,


by immediately ordering the release of Monsieur Decham-bault. He shall be accommodated with a passage in the first vessel that sails from Philadelphia to the French Colonies in the West-Indies.

Had it not been for your interposition, Monsieur Decham-bault must have remained a prisoner till released by a cartel; but I could not hesitate to comply with a request made by a nobleman, who, by his publick countenance of our cause, has rendered such essential services to the thirteen United Independent States of America, whose armies I have the honour to command.

I have the honour to be, sir, with the highest esteem, your most obedient servant,


To Monsieur Le Compte d' Emery, Governour-General of the French part of St˙ Domingo.