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March 23


Voted, That Captain Prentice, Colonel Evans, Mr˙ Patten and Mr˙ Grout, be a Committee of this House, to join a Committee of the honourable Board, to confer together about the Pay-Roll of the Members of this House, and to make report to this House as soon as may be.

Which Committee being joined by a Committee from the honourable Board, made report: That it is their opinion that each Member receive their pay out of the Treasury, in the same manner, and on the same conditions, they did the last session, and that the Secretary and Clerks immediately make out the rolls for the same.


Therefore, Voted, That the pay of the several Members of the Council and of this House, for this session, be drawn out of the Treasury in the same manner, and on the same conditions, as for the last session; and that the Secretary and the Clerk of the House immediately make out the Rolls for the same, and certify them to the, Treasurer.

Then the House adjourned to the first Wednesday in June next, the fifth day of said month, then to meet at the Court-House in Exeter, at three of the clock, afternoon.


Cleric House of Representatives.