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Colonel McDougall' s Arrangements


Ordered, That so much of the said Gunpowder, now purchased by this Committee, as shall be sold, be sold at the rate of five Shillings per pound, and that no greater quantity than half a pound be sold to any one person.

Colonel McDougall informed the Committee that some days ago he received a Letter from Mr˙ Lewis Pintard, informing him that a Vessel from Hispaniola, with Gunpowder on board, was on this coast; that he apprehended Delaware-River was so obstructed with ice that the Vessel would not be able to enter there; and that, therefore, there is reason to expect her to attempt coming into this port; and that Mr˙ Pintard had further informed him that if this Vessel succeeded in her voyage, an Armed Vessel was ready at Hispaniola to follow her with a like cargo.

Colonel McDougall further informed the Committee, that no proper Pilot-Boat could be obtained to go to Sandy-Hook, to look out for the said Vessel, to navigate her to a place of safety, and that by the advice of the other Members of the Committee then present, he had purchased a Whale-Boat, with oars, for twenty-seven Dollars, and had employed Captain William Dobbs, at ten Shillings per day, and four other men at five Shillings per day, each, besides their necessary provisions and expenses, and given to them proper directions, and sent them to Sandy-Hook, to watch and look out for the said Vessel, there to remain eight days, if the said Vessel did not arrive sooner.

The Committee of Safety fully approved of, and ratified the said agreement made by Colonel McDougall, and direct him to return an account of the expense to this Committee, as soon as he can ascertain the same.

Colonel McDougall further informed the Committee, that by advice of the other Members of the Committee then present, he had detained Robert Barber, John Bain, and James Henry, three persons experienced in preparing Artillery Stores, (and who had been determined to go to Philadelphia,) that he had agreed with them at three Shillings per day each, besides some allowance for provisions, and they are now gone to work in the Laboratory at the Upper Barracks.

The Committee fully approve of, and confirm this agreement.