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Manifesto by General Donald McDonald


By His Excellency Brigadier-General DONALD MCDONALD, of His Majesty' s Forces, for the time being, in NORTH-CAROLINA:


Whereas, powers and authority have been invested in me, to array in arms His Majesty' s loyal subjects in this Province, I hereby command all His Majesty' s loyal people to repair to the Royal banner, agreeable to the Governour' s Royal Proclamation of date the 10th day of January last. I do hereby declare it is my intention, that nO violation whatever shall be offered to women, children, or private property, to sully the arms of Britons or freemen, employed in the glorious and righteous cause of rescuing and delivering this country from the usurpation of rebellion, and that no cruelty whatever be offered against the laws of humanity, but what resistance shall make necessary; and that whatever provisions and other necessaries be taken for the troops, shall be paid for immediately; and in case, any person, or persons, shall offer the least violence to the families of such as will join the Royal standard, such person, or persons, may depend that retaliation will be made; the horrors of such proceedings, it is hoped, will be avoided by all true Christians.

Given under my hand and seal, this fifth day of February, 1776.