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Alexander Horn, publick boat-keeper, ordered to attend at the next meeting to answer for his neglect


Navy Board, Tuesday, 5 November, 1776.

The Board met according to adjournment.

Present: Edward Blake, First Commissioner, George Smith, Josiah Smith, George Abbot Hall, Thomas Corbett, Esq' rs.

Read the Minutes of the last meeting.

It having appeared to the Board that the present publick Boat-Keeper, Alexander Horn, has not done the duty required of him, in having the Boats repaired and removed to the place appointed for them within the flood-gate, he is ordered to attend the Board at their next meeting, to answer for his neglect.

Ordered, That the First Commissioner do draw the three following Orders on the Commissioners of the Treasury, for sixteen casks of Indico, shipped on board the Brigantine of War Defence, viz:

32. No˙ 3. One Order, in favour of Thomas Corbett, for
amount of four casks of Indico,
£1,790 17 6
32. No˙ 4. One do˙, in favour of Edward
and John Blake, for amount of five casks
of Indico,
£2,438 17 6
32. No˙ 5. One do˙, in favour of William Parker
, for amount of seven casks of Indico,
£2,802 15 0
  £7,032 10 0

Adjourned to next Thursday evening, six o' clock.