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Letter from R. Rea to Governour Bullock



Augusta, Georgia, July 3, 1776.

SIR: I take the liberty of enclosing your Excellency the copies of the two depositions which came by express from Major Williamson yesterday , likewise a copy of an intercepted letter from Henry Stuart to the frontier inhabitants of North-Carolina and Virginia.

I am afraid the emissaries of Government have at last accomplished their hellish designs with the Cherokees; yet I believe they have mistimed matters, as I hope we shall be able to give them a good drubbing before they can get assistance from the King' s troops or any other nation.

Last night Major Williamson had upwards of a thousand men imbodied, and in a few days expects to have five, when they intend marching into their nation. Should this happen, your Excellency will doubtless see the necessity of having some force on the frontiers of this Province. I shall order the draft that has been made of this regiment to Broad River and Ogechee as soon as possible, but not to go over the line until I receive your Excellency' s orders, which I shall wait for with impatience. I shall likewise be glad to know how far we are to act in concert with the Carolinians, or if we are only to guard our own frontiers.

I have not heard from the Creeks for some time past. The last accounts were favourable. I mentioned to your Excellency some time ago our intention of carrying two Indians to Ninety-Six, which I did. They saw a poor fellow suffer death, and we have since sent them off to their nation perfectly satisfied.

I am, with due respect, your Excellency' s very humble servant,


To His Excellency A˙ Bullock, Esq.