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Instructions to the Delegates to the Continental Congress


The Instructions to the Deputies appointed by this Province to attend the Continental Congress being transcribed according to order, were signed by the Speaker, and follow in these words, viz:

GENTLEMEN: The trust reposed in you is of such a nature, and the modes of executing it may be so diversified in the course of your deliberations, that it is scarcely possible to give you particular instructions respecting it.

We shall, therefore, in general, direct that you meet in Congress the Delegates of the several British Colonies, to be held on the 10th instant, to consult together on the present critical and alarming situation and state of the Colonies, and that you exert your utmost endeavours to agree upon and recommend such further measures as shall afford the best prospect of obtaining redress of American grievances, and restoring that union and harmony between Great Britain and the Colonies so essential to the welfare and happiness of both Countries.

You are directed to make report of your proceedings to this House at their next sessions after the meeting of the Congress. Signed by order of the House:


May 9, 1775.

The House adjourned to ten o' clock to-morrow morning.