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Letter from Colonel Hinman to Governour Trumbull



Woodbury, August 14, 1776.

SIR: I received your Honour' s orders of the 6th July last, requiring me (on notice given by General Washington, or the Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the United Colonies, of the necessity of assistance) to call forth and march with expedition so many of the able-bodied and effective men of my regiment as would be necessary, &c˙, to be under the Commander-in-Chief of the Army, and give immediate notice thereof to your Honour.

In obedience to said orders, I would hereby inform your Honour, that, on the 10th instant, I received (per express) a letter from General Washington, dated New York, the 7th instant, informing of the necessity of assistance, requesting me to call forth my regiment without delay, and have them equipped with blankets, arms, and ammunition, and march them immediately to New York; upon the receipt of which, I without delay gave orders to all my Captains to call forth their respective companies, have them equipped according to the above request, and march them immediately to New York. A number of said companies have marched, others are now going off, and tomorrow the whole will be on the way. Major Canfield, I am informed, went off yesterday. I am now going off myself, with Lieutenant-Colonel Mosely, and expect in two or three days to be in New York with my regiment. We must be deficient in numbers, notwithstanding we take almost every man. I shall transmit to your Honour a return of those of my regiment which are in said service as soon as it comes in my power.

I am, sir, your Honour' s most obedient humble servant,

To the Honourable Jonathan Trumbull, Esq˙, Governour and Captain-General of the Colony of Connecticut, at Lebanon.