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Herbert Courtenay to Charles Carrol



Baltimore, February 18, 1776.

SIR: Mr˙ Spear showed me a note which Mr˙ Purviance brought him from the Council of Safety, whereby it is probable you may have occasion to see Captain Martin; therefore, have given him orders to wait on the Council of Safety, with Mr˙ Spear' s captain.

Should you have occasion to employ the brig Friendship, Captain Martin, back here, with such returns as you may have ordered, I shall have no sort of objection, provided you insure her at one thousand pounds, this money, and allow a sufficient freight for such goods as she may bring back; though Captain Stone intended she should bring some property of his, lying in the West-Indies, invested in salt, rum, &c˙, with her freight money out. The vessel is a prime sailer, and has a Bermuda register, and manned with Negroes, save the Captain and Mate, which may probably be a cloak for her against the late resolution of the Parliament to seize all American vessels.

I am satisfied you cannot employ a vessel more filling than the Friendship, and should you determine on this, Captain Martin will take your orders respecting the homeward voyage, and I shall be glad, in such case, that you will please write me a few lines, in conformity to the above proposal, as I am acting only as an agent for Captain Stone, and am, with all respect, sir, your most obedient, humble servant,


To Charles Carroll, Esq˙, Barrister.