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General Schuyler to President of Congress



[Read March 4, 1776.]

Albany, February 21, 1776.

SIR: I forgot yesterday to mention, that I thought it highly expedient to direct the Commissary-General to send Deputies into Canada, in order to put that branch upon a proper footing there. I fear that for the want of such persons as understand the business, all will run into confusion, if it is not already so.

Mr˙ Livingston has just informed me that Mr˙ Price intended to apply for the Commissary-Generalship in Canada. I immediately sent a note to Mr˙ Price, but he had left town; if he had informed me that he had such an intention, I should not have hesitated to have recommended the appointment, as such an officer is much wanted in Canada, and Mr˙ Price is certainly entitled to it.

I shall, however, direct Mr˙ Livingston to send on Messrs˙ Swart and Benson, who are the persons he has appointed, and if the Commissary-Generalship is conferred on Mr˙ Price, he may employ them as his Deputies, if he finds they will serve.

I am, sir, most respectfully, your obedient, humble servant,

To the Honourable John Hancock, Esq˙, &c.