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Colonel Arnold' s account


Ordered, That Mr˙ Story and Mr˙ White be added to the Committee on Colonel Arnold' s Account.

The amendments proposed by the honourable Board in the Resolve for stationing an additional Force in the County of Lincoln, were read and considered, and non-concurred; and the House adhere to their own Vote.

Sent up.

The Bill for annulling the Commissions of the several Officers, civil and military, in this Colony, was read a second time, and ordered to be read a third time at four o' clock in the afternoon.

The Committee on the Letter from Dartmouth reported.

The Report was recommitted, and the Committee instructed to bring in a Resolve to prohibit the sailing of all Vessels bound on foreign voyages, without the express license of the General Court; and to recommend to the honourable Board to write Letters to the several Assemblies of the other New-England Governments, advising them to pass a similar Resolve.

Benjamin Chadbourne, Esq˙, brought down a Vote of Council, appointing Benjamin Greenleaf, Esq˙, and Joseph Palmer, Esq˙, with such as this House shall join, to be a Committee to examine the Proceedings of the late Provincial Congresses, and to bring in a Bill for the confirmation of the same, or such parts thereof as they shall judge necessary.

Read and concurred, and Dr˙ Whiting, Esquire Davis, and Mr˙ Dickerson, were joined to the Committee of the honourable Board.