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Peter T. Curtenius to New-York Congress



New-York, August 10, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: I was yesterday informed by a member of the Continental Congress, that not a shilling of the Continental money would be paid, or even lent to pay, for the clothing or guns which I have purchased on the publick credit. If so, I shall be in a very disagreeable situation, because there is no fund established by the Provincial Congress as yet for that purpose. The goods I have purchased are all on the credit of the Provincial Congress, on condition to pay for them as soon as the Continental money came in my hands. As soon as it arrives, I shall have about three hundred persons calling on me for their money. Those I have purchased clothing from must be sent back without money, the consequence of which will be, abuse for deceiving them. Figure to yourselves the situation I shall be in. I hope some plan will be fallen on to borrow the money to pay for the clothing and making, or else I must lock myself up. I have stopped the gunsmiths this morning from purchasing any more guns, because they can' t get any without the cash, and I have none to pay for them, having already advanced out of my pocket, in cash and goods, little short of one thousand Pounds.

My clerk is returned from Philadelphia, and informs me that he can get from Thomas and Isaac Wharton, blankets, watch-coats, &c˙, to the amount of eleven hundred and thirty-five Pounds, ten Shillings, and three Pence, Pennsylvania currency, (particulars as per invoice enclosed,) upon condition that I take the whole and pay for them before they are delivered out of their store.

As to duck, none can be had; drillings he could get about twenty or thirty pieces, price two shillings and four pence cash, and three shillings per yard on the credit of the Congress. The merchants here made no such conditions or distinctions. Several have been so generous as to sell their goods under what they could get for them from individuals, and as to provisions and blacksmith' s work, I bought all at cash price.

I am, Gentlemen, your most obedient servant,


To the Members of the New-York Provincial Congress.