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Committees of the several Counties required to furnish a list of the names


In Congress, August 5, 1775.

1. Resolved, That the several persons appointed in pursuance of the Ordinance of this Congress in their last session, to collect the quotas of the several Townships, do pay the Money by them collected to the County Collector on or before the tenth day of September next; and if any persons within their respective Districts shall have refused payment, that, in such case, they do make and deliver in a list of the names of the delinquents to their several Committees, together with their receipts and vouchers for the Money which they shall have paid to the aforesaid County Collectors.

2. Resolved, That the several Committees do furnish the Provincial Congress at their next session with the names of all such persons within their District as shall have refused to sign the Association recommended in the last Congress, or one of a similar nature; and of all such as shall have refused to pay their respective apportionments.

3. Resolved, That the respective Committees in this Colony do return to the Provincial Congress at their next session copies of the several Associations signed in their Districts, agreeable to the former order of this Congress, together with the names of those who have signed the same.

4. Resolved, That the Assessors and Collectors, appointed to apportion and collect the said Money, do receive such reward for their labour and trouble therein as the Assessors and Collectors are by law entitled to, for assessing and collecting the Provincial Taxes.

5. Resolved, That in case any part of the sum of Ten Thousand Pounds, by the said Ordinance directed to be raised, shall, from the event of publick affairs, be found to be unnecessary for the purposes thereby intended: in such case the surplus be paid by the several County Committees into the hands of the County Collectors appointed by Act of Assembly, to be by them applied towards discharging the quotas of such Counties in the publick Taxes of the Province.

6. Resolved, That the several Committees, to whom the disposal of the said Money was, by the Ordinance of the last session, entrusted, do account to the Provincial


Congress for their several disbursements, and the uses to which they may have been applied.