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Letter from Governour Penn


Philadelphia, April 22, 1774.

GENTELMEN: I received your several letters informing me of your arrest and confinements on warrants issued by Doctor Conolly, and cannot but greatly approve your spirit and the attachment you have shown to the interest of this Province. But as the confinement of your persons at so great a distance from your homes must be very injurious to your private concerns, if you can procure your enlargement, by finding bail, I shall by no means disapprove such a step. I shall with all possible expedition, send Commissioners to my Lord Dunmore, to apply for your discharge; and as Colonel Wilson is so obliging as to offer to call at Staunton, in his way home, I have instructed him to procure for you any security or credit you may stand in need,of, and shall do every thing in my power to free you from your disagreeable situation, or to make it as comfortable as may be.

I am, gentlemen, your very humble servant,


To AEneas Mackay, Devereux Smith, and Andrew McFarlane,Esquires, Justices of the Peace for the County of Westmoreland.