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Further Report from the Committee on the Fortifications in the Highlands


Mr˙ Palmer, in pursuance of the direction of this Congress of yesterday, delivered a further Report respecting the Fortifications in the Highlands; which was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

That after the Committee had finished their Report in writing, which has been delivered in, it was agreed by Colonel Nicoll and Colonel Drake, that Mr˙ Palmer should deliver in their said Report; and that after the same should be read, Mr˙ Palmer should further report to this Congress, as their unanimous opinion with him, that the Fortifications erected, and those pointed out by them to be erected on Martelaer' s Point, will not be sufficient for the security of the post, because of two large eminences overlooking the works, situate, the one within less, and the other not more than, half a mile from the works, and so situated that an enemy might improve them much to our damage. That they were, therefore, jointly of opinion that a Redoubt ought to be erected at each of those places for the security of the garrison. And that the Committee were further agreed in opinion, that it was the indispensable duty of Mr˙ Romans accurately to have observed those matters in his first report to the Continental and Provincial Congresses, which the Committee told him when there on the places, to which Mr˙ Romans answered, he had pointed out the necessity of the one, and the other he had but lately thought of.

The said Report being read, this Congress agrees thereto, as to the Redoubts necessary to be erected on the said two eminences.

Ordered, That a copy of this Report, with a certified copy of the Report of the same Committee made yesterday, be transmitted to the honourable the Continental Congress for their perusal, and that their directions may be obtained thereon; and

Ordered, That Colonel Brasher and Mr˙ Palmer carry those copies to the Continental Congress.

And, as Captain John Grenell has for some time past been on duty, and commanding on the said Fortifications, and may for the present be spared, an older officer being


now there, and it is conceived he may also be able to give useful information relating to the places necessary to be fortiffed, in order to obstruct the navigation of Hudson' s river,

Ordered, That Captain Grenell do attend the other two gentlemen to Philadelphia for that purpose.

Ordered, That George Clinton, Esq˙, be appointed Brigadier-General of the Militia of Ulster and Orange Counties, formed into one Brigade, and that a Commission be issued to him accordingly.

The Congress adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow morning.