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New-York Committee of Safety to the Continental Congress



[Read September 14, 1775.]

Committee of Safety for the Colony of New-York,
New-York, September 9, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: We enclose you a copy of a letter which we have this day received from General Washington, dated at Cambridge, August 30, 1775, to which we beg leave to refer you. As the General stands in need of gunpowder, and as we are informed that a considerable quantity has lately been received in Philadelphia, we doubt not you will forward as much as can be spared for this necessary service. We have about eight hundred weight in our magazine, which we would willingly part with, if our citizens had a supply. Be assured, we shall be attentive to every requisition from the General. We beg leave to


inform you that a commission is wanting for Deputy-Adjutant Flemming, who has proceeded upon the service; you will be pleased to furnish us with it, that it may be forwarded to him. The first commission which we received for that appointment was filled up for a gentleman whose affairs would not permit him to accept it, and it is since returned to us. We are informed that the blank commissions with which General Washington has been furnished Lave been made use of. General Schuyler has not been supplied with any for this department. We request you will be pleased to furnish us with four hundred.

Some time since we forwarded to the camp at Cambridge nineteen hundred and fifty-five pounds of gunpowder. We submit it to you, whether it would not be proper to replace us that quantity from Philadelphia, as we know not what demand may be for that article from General Schuyler.

We are, Gentlemen, your most obedient humble servants, By order of the Committee:


To the Delegates of the Colony of New-York, Philadelphia.