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Petition of Samuel Falkenhan and David Woolhaupter to the New-York Congress


To the Honourable the Provincial Congress of the Province of NEW-YORK:

The humble Petition of SAMUEL FALKENHAN and DAVID WOLHAUPTER, Instrument Makers, of the City of NEW-YORK, humbly sheweth:

That whereas the honourable Congress in their wisdom have thought it expedient to raise a number of Troops, in the just defence of the rights and liberties of the American subjects; and as those Troops may want a number of drums and fifes, your petitioners most humbly offer their best services in furnishing said Troops with said drums and fifes, on the most reasonable terms; of which they now have fifty of the best sort already by them made in this City. Tour petitioners humbly pray that they may have the honour of supplying said Troops with said drums and fifes, or such part as to the honourable Congress shall seem meet. And your petitioners, as in duty bound, shall ever pray.


New-York, July 10, 1775.