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Report of the Committee


The Committee appointed to consider some method to prevent supplying our enemies with Provisions, &c˙, reported. The Report was accepted, and ordered to be printed in the newspapers, and is as follows, viz:

Whereas, complaints have been made to this Congress, of the inhabitants of some of the seaport Towns frequently supplying our enemies with Butter and Cheese, fresh Provisions, &c˙; also, suspected, that intelligence has been given them: therefore,

Resolved, That it be, and hereby is recommended to the Committees of Safety, Correspondence, and Inspection, and where there are no such Committees, to the Selectmen, of the seaport Towns and Districts in this Colony, that they forthwith exert themselves to prevent any person or persons from supplying our enemies with any kind of provisions whatsoever, or intelligence. And it is further recommended to the Committees or Selectmen as aforesaid, of each Town and District, not to suffer any vessel or boat, of any kind, to go from the shore on board


any vessel or vessels of any size whatsoever, in the service of our enemies, without first obtaining a permit, in writing, of the Committees or Selectmen aforementioned, for that purpose; and that no boats be suffered to land from men-of-war, tenders, or any other vessels employed to distress the sea-coasts and trade of this Country, without a permit obtained as aforesaid.