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Re-Enforcements to General Gage' s Army


Whereas, the Committee lately applied to the honourable the Congress of this Colony for an augmentation of the Army now in the vicinity of Boston, and as some circumstances have since, taken place which strengthened the arguments then used in favour of the said augmentation; particularly that many of the then expected re-enforcements for General Gage' s Army are arrived; that General Gage has issued a very extraordinary Proclamation, in which the inhabitants of Massachusetts-Bay are in the most explicit


manner declared Rebels; and various accounts have been brought to this Committee of the movements of Mr˙ Gage' s Army, and that he intends soon to make another attempt to penetrate into the country. From the consideration of all which premises, together with that of our Army,

Resolved, That the good and welfare of the Colony requires that there be an immediate augmentation of said Army; that such soldiers in the Army as are destitute of arms, be immediately supplied therewith; that such Regiments of Militia as are in any degree destitute of officers, be immediately filled up in such manner as the honourable Congress may direct; and that all the Militia in the Colony be ordered to hold themselves in readiness to march on the shortest notice, completely equipped, having thirty rounds of cartridges per man; all which is earnestly recommended to the immediate consideration of the honourable Congress now sitting at Watertown; to which the Committee would beg leave to add a general recommendation to the people to go to meeting armed on Lord' s day, in order to prevent being thrown into confusion.