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Message from Governour Wentworth to the Assembly


Friday, P˙ M˙, May 27, 1774.

Mr˙ Secretary and Mr˙ Warner came from the Board with the vote for soldiers for the Fort, and observed that it was insufficient, which he took notice, of in sundry particulars, and left the vote for the consideration of the House; also a written Message from his Excellency, viz:

Mr˙ Speaker and Gentlemen of the Assembly:

The vote of Assembly for the support of his Majesty' s Castle William and Mary, dated this day, appears to me to be so inadequate, that it is my duty to inform the Assembly that I do not think it safe to entrust so important a fortress to the care and defence of three men and one officer. Also that the wages, billetting and fuel mentioned in said vote, will by no means engage able men in the service proposed, more especially as the money for the whole is to be paid when the muster roll shall be allowed, which necessarily implies an advance, the issue whereof is not provided, I therefore earnestly recommend to the Honourable Assembly to make such provision for the support of the Castle aforesaid, as may enable me to carry into execution, the intention of the grant.


Council Chamber, New-Hampshire, May 27, 1774.