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Connecticut Committee of Safety


Saturday, February 10, 1776.

Met again. Present, the same as yesterday.

A long Letter from Colonel Burrell, complaining greatly about Mr˙ Strong' s appointment to supply his Regiment to Albany, &c˙, was taken up, considered, and a long Letter prepared, and copied, in answer, adhering to the appointment, &c˙; and,

P˙ M. Considered and discoursed about the affair of Fortifications at New-London and Groton, according to the orders of the General Assembly, and the number of men to be raised at each, and how regulated, &c.

Captain B˙ Gallup came, and moved to have the command at Groton, &c. Came to no determination.


Captain Throop came for advice, &c˙, about his affair of his Company for Canada, &c.

Adjourned to Monday morning next.