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Arrival of prizes taken by American privateers


Newport, October 7, 1776.

Last Thursday a prize brig, loaded with rum and sugar, went up the East Passage. She was bound from Antigua for the British fleet and army at New-York, and taken by the privateer Industry, Captain Thomas Child, who had taken another large brig from Jamaica, loaded with sugar, mahogany, and logwood, which, we hear, is safe arrived at the eastward.

The Lady Washington, privateer, Captain James Godfrey, has sent a fine ship into a port in the Massachusetts


State, loaded with four hundred and twenty-five hogsheads of sugar, some rum, cotton, &c.

A ship loaded with dry goods, bound to Quebeck, and taken by Captain Crawford, went into a safe port ' yesterday. About the same time another ship from Jamaica, with sugar, rum, &c˙, taken by Captain Coffin, went into a secure harbour.

We hear that last Wednesday, as Captain Harding, in a Connecticut brig-of-war, was going up the Sound from a cruise, he was attacked by the Merlin ship-of-war, when a very warm engagement ensued, but another ship, supposed to be the Cerberus, coming up, and endeavouring to cut Captain Harding off from the land, he made from them, and got safe into Stonington. We don' t learn what damage was sustained on either side. At the same time a third ship was seen near Block-Island.