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Letter to William Duer


Committee of Safety for the Colony of New-York,

July 11, 1775.

SIR: We are favoured with your letter of the 5th June, and are to inform you, that our Provincial Congress, after having appointed a Committee of Safety, adjourned for a fortnight from this day. When it convenes we doubt not they will take into their most mature consideration the matters contained in your letter, which we shall lay before them. In the mean time we beg leave to assure you, that we highly esteem and approve of your care and vigilance in keeping open and protecting the last Court in your County. We conceive it to be of the utmost importance that good order be supported, as internal divisions must prove injurious to the common cause. We are, with much respect, Sir, your most humble servants.

To William Duer, esq˙, one of the Judges of Charlotte.