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Stephen Moylan to William Bartlett



Cambridge, November 11, 1775.

SIR: Your favour of the 9th instant, to his Excellency, came this morning to hand. As the people object to your taking charge of the schooner from Ireland, and as having any thing to do with vessels brought in as the North-Briton was will give both you and the General trouble, it is his advice that you have nothing to do with such, by any authority under his Excellency. By what Colonel Glover informs us, Captain Manly has a claim on this schooner. In this case you have an undoubted right to take possession of her. You must be a better judge of this matter, being on the spot, than we possibly can. If it is clear to you that Manly' s claim is a just one, it must be prosecuted. If it is not very apparent, don' t you trouble yourself or the General with a litigious dispute. I wish you could get rid of the trouble you must have with the cargo by the North-Briton. Suppose you were to give it, vessel, &c˙, up to the Committee of Safety? In short, get rid of the trouble in the best manner you can, and let us hear nothing further thereon. I hope some good captures by the armed schooner will pay you for the plague you must have had. That the agency for the Continental vessels may be very beneficial to you, is the sincere wish of, Sir, your most humble servant, STEPHEN MOYLAN, Sec˙ pro tem.

William Bartlett, Esq˙, Beverly.