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The Council adjourned to three o' clock, afternoon, when the following Members met: David Rittenhouse, Vice President, Samuel Morris, Sen˙, John Bayard, Timothy Matlack, Joseph Blewer, Francis Gurney, Samuel C˙ Morris, Fred˙ Kuhl.

An Order was drawn on Mr˙ Nesbitt, in favour of Major Lewis Nicola, for £100; to be charged to his Account.

Mr˙ Nesbitt was directed to pay the following Accounts: Sarah Austin' s Account for Boat-hire, £5, at several times.

Woolery Mengs' s Account for two hundred and ninety-seven Bayonet Scabbards, delivered to Mr˙ Towers, £44 11s.

The Nurse at Hospital, at Province-Island, Account for attending sick belonging to the Fleet, £153 16s˙ 4d˙.