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Baltimore Committee



At a meeting of the Committee, October 7, 1776,

Present: Samuel Purviance, Jun˙, Chairman, A˙ Buchanan, W˙ Aisquith, T˙ Sollers, A˙ Britain, E˙ Talbot, T˙ Butter, D˙ Lux, T˙ Gist.

The fine imposed on Robert McCallister, as a Non-Enroller is remitted, it appearing that he had enrolled with Captain Philips some time ago.

A list of the Assessments on the Non-Enrollers in Middle River, Upper, and an additional one of Back River, Upper, were made out, and sent to the Collectors.

Mr˙ Benjamin Merryman entered a complaint against Captain John Foster, that though he has returned an enrolment, yet it is incomplete, and he does not muster his company according to the resolves of Convention, and further that he never would take up arms during the present contest.

Upon motion, Resolved, n˙ c˙ d˙, That Messrs˙ John Foster, Solomon Cross, Sen˙, and Benjamin Merryman, be ordered to attend this Committee on Monday next.

Attest: GEO˙ LUX, Secretary.