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Another Meeting, held at Annapolis


Annapolis, (A˙ M˙ 11 o' clock,) May 27, 1774.

A paper having been circulated this morning, in this city, and distributed with the Gazette, desiring the public to suspend forming any judgment of the sentiments of this city, on the subject matter of letters from Boston, and Philadelphia, until they are furnished with more authentic grounds than the resolutions entered into by the meeting of the inhabitants held for that purpose, ALL the CITIZENS, and particularly those who dissent from the printed resolutions, are earnestly requested to meet at the Playhouse, precisely at three o' clock, this afternoon.

At a meeting of the inhabitants of the city of Annapolis in consequence of the foregoing notice, after reading the several letters and papers communicated from Boston, and Philadelphia, the first, second, and third resolutions of this city, on Wednesday last, were distinctly read, one by one, and the question being put on them, severally, that they be confirmed, the first was unanimously confirmed, and, on a division, the second and third were also confirmed, very few dissenting. The fourth resolution being read, the question was moved and put, that the same be expunged, and on a division, resolved by a considerable majority, that it be not expunged. The other resolutions were read, and on the question being put on each, were confirmed without any division.

Resolved, That this day' s proceedings be immediately printed, and made public. Per order,