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Express despatched to give notice of the sailing of an Armed Vessel up the North River


It having been represented that John Roff, Boatman, loaded for the Provincial account with Provisions and other necessaries, intended to leave this City, for Albany, this night, and a man-of-war' s Tender being on a cruise up the North River

Ordered, That the said John Roff be directed not to depart this City without leave from the Chairman of this Committee.

Information having been brought to the Committee, that an Armed Vessel was gone up the North River, which might intercept the Vessels coming down with Provisions,

Ordered, That an Express be despatched to give notice to all the landing places as far up as Constitution Fort, unless he shall have information that the said Vessel is returned to New-York.

It having been represented to the Committee that the appointment of a Town Major is very necessary at this time, and the same being put to vote, William Leary was appointed by a majority of voices.

Ordered, That William Leary be recommended to the Provincial Congress, and request that he may be appointed accordingly; and that he be desired to act until he receives a commission for that purpose.

Whereas it is represented to this Committee that there are vacancies in several of the Beats in this City, for want of which being filled up by their proper Officers the Night-Watch is greatly interrupted:

Ordered, That the commanding officer of every Regiment be authorized to appoint a day of election for every vacant office within his Regiment, excepting Field or Staff Officers, and be empowered to call upon two Committeemen, who are hereby required to attend on the day appointed to fill up the same, according to the direction of the Provincial Congress.

The examination of John Myford, for aiding and assisting in the inlisting of men to send on board the Asia man-of-war: He says he never did supply the man-of-war with oars, but that Mr˙ Lott has had his boat, but does not know what was carried on board; that Captain Harris and the other two men were not above two or three hours at his house; that they informed him they were going up to Poughkeepsie, and had some money, of which they were afraid of being robbed, and desired the use of the pistols, for which they left him a half-johannes in pledge; that he never supplied the man-of-war with provisions at any time whatever; that he did not make use of any expressions against the Congress; that he was not acquainted with Richard Sprong' s going on board of the man-of-war, or inlisting as a soldier.

The Committee having heard the charge against the said John Myford, and his defence,


Ordered, That he be discharged from his confinement, with a reprimand from the Chairman.

It having been represented that there was a necessity for certain Regulations for the Night-Watch in this City,

Ordered, That a Committee of the following gentlemen be appointed to draw up a set of Regulations, and report them to the next Committee, viz: Colonel Lasher, Colonel Hyer, Major Abeel, Captain Berrian, Major Stoutenburgh, and Captain Gilbert.

Mr˙ Curtenius moves that Peter P˙ Van Zandt be appointed Major in the Third Battalion, and Patrick Welsh Adjutant.

The office of Secretary to this Board being vacant by the resignation of Mr˙ Blagge,

Ordered, That the Chairman procure and commission a suitable person to supply his place.

Committee Chamber, Friday evening,

December 8, 1775.