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Signers in Bedford



John Wallace, JUN˙,
James Caldwell,
William Caldwell,
James Matthes,
John Harrison,
John Aiken,
Adam Dickey,
Matthew Patten,
John Goffe,
Daniel Moor,
John Moor, Jun˙,
Daniel Moor, Jun˙,
Thomas Matthews,
Roben Giffin,
John Burns,
Robert Burns.
William Burns,
John Brien,
William Moore,
James Moore,
James Houston,
Hugh Orr,
Barnabas Ram,
John McIntosh,
Jacob McQuaid,
James Westlier,
John Little,
Thomas Gait,
Thomas Boice,
Samuel Vose,
William White,
Joseph Wallace,
John McKinney,
Asa Barnes,
Samuel Tirril, Jun˙,
William Kennedy,
Robert Morrel,
Andrew Walker,
Nathaniel Patterson,
Robert Mathes,
James Vose,
George Cunway,
Hugh Campbel,
James McAllister,
John McLaughlin,
John Gardner,
Amaziah Pollard,
James Steel,
Jamps Aiken,
Whitfield Gillmore,
James Smith,
John Orr,
Lt˙ John Moor,
Joseph Houston,
David Moor,
James Gillmor,
William Moor,
David McClerey,
James Patterson,
Matthew McDuffie,
Thos˙ Maclaughlin,
Benjamin Smith,
Zachariah Chandler,
John Moor,
James Wallace,
James Mardin,
John Goffe, Jun˙,
John Riddle,
Samuel Patten,
John Boies,
James Lien,
John Bell,
John Wallace,
Robert Walker,
James Walker,
Patrick Larkin,
John Hillery,
William McCleary,
Joseph Bell,
Samuel Fugard,
Thos˙ Vicker Vose,
James Caimes,
Samuel Patten,
Richard McAllester,
John Smith,
James Little,
Stephen Franck.

To the Honourable the Council and House of Representatives for the Colony of NEW-HAMPSHIRE, to be convened at EXETER, in said Colony, on WEDNESDAY, the 5th instant:

Pursuant to the within precept, we have taken pains to know the minds of the inhabitants of the Town of Bedford,


with respect to the within obligation, and find none unwilling to sign the same, except the Rev˙ John Houstons, who declines signing the said obligation, for the following reasons, viz: Firstly. Because he did not apprehend that the honourable Committee meant that Ministers should take up arms, as being inconsistent with their Ministerial charge. Secondly. Because he was already confined to the County of Hillsborough, therefore, he thinks he ought to be set at liberty, before he should sign the said obligation. Thirdly, Because there are three men belonging to his family; already inlisted in the Continental Army.

JOHN GOFFE, Selectmen.
JOHN ORR, Selectmen.

Bedford, June 4, 1776.