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Proceedings of the Baltimore Committee



At a Meeting of the Committee, July 29, 1776:

Present: Samuel Purvianee, (Chairman,) W˙ Lux, (Vice Chairman,) A˙ Buchanan, J˙ Cradock, T˙ Gist, T˙ Sellers, W˙ Wilkinson, W˙ Tolly, Jun˙, D˙ Lux, T˙ Rutter, J˙ Merryman, J˙ Calhoun, D˙ Shaw, E˙ Talbot, C˙ Ridgely of William, J˙ Gittings, J˙ Smith.

This day, agreeable to the resolve of this Committee of the 22d instant, the Declaration of Independency was proclaimed at the Court House by Mr˙ William Aisquith, (Mr˙ Christie being out of Town:) Captain Nathaniel Smith' s Company of Matrosses, Captain John Sterrett' s Company of Independents, Captain John Smith' s, Captain James Cox' s, Captain George Wells' s, and Captain William Richardson' s Companies being drawn up under arms on the occasion.