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Credentials of Benjamin Harrison, a Delegate from Virginia


Tuesday, November 5, 1776.

Benjamin Harrison, Esq˙, a Delegate from Virginia, attended and produced the Credentials of his appointment, which were read as follows:

"Virginia, Set: In the House of Delegates,
Thursday, October 10, 1776.

"The House, according to the order of the day, proceeded by ballot to the appointment of a Delegate to represent this State in General Congress, in the room of Thomas Jefferson, Esq˙; and the Members having prepared tickets for the person to be appointed, and put the same into a box, a Committee was appointed to examine the same, who reported that they had met a Committee from the Senate in the conference room, and had, jointly with them, examined the ballot boxes, and that the numbers appeared as follows: For Benjamin Harrison, Esq˙, 69 — Merewether Smith, Esq˙, 5.

"Resolved, therefore, That the said Benjamin Harrison


be appointed a Delegate to represent this State in General Congress.

"Resolved, unanimously, That the thanks of this House are justly due to the said Benjamin Harrison, for the diligence, ability, and integrity, with which he executed the important trust reposed in him as one of the Delegates from this country in the General Congress.


"Clerk of the House of Delegates."

Resolved, That Mr˙ Harrison be added to the Board of War, and that he be continued in all those Standing Committees of which he was a member when he left Congress.