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Letter to Assembly of Connecticut


The Committee appointed to consider the account of taking the Fortress of Ticonderoga, reported the following Resolve, and Letter to the Assembly of Connecticut, which were accepted, and the Letter ordered to be authenticated and sent forward:

GENTELMEN: We have the happiness of presenting our congratulations to you on the reduction of that important fortress, Ticonderoga.We applaud the conduct of both the officers and soldiers, and are of opinion, that the advantageous situation of that fortress makes it highly expedient that it should be repaired, and properly garrisoned. In the mean time, as we suppose that there is no necessity for keeping all the cannon there, we should be extremely glad if all the battery cannon, especially Brass cannon, which can be spared from that place, or procured from Crown Point, (which we hope by this time is in the hands of our friends,) may be forwarded this way, with all possible expedition, as we have here to contend with an Army furnished with as fine a train of artillery as ever was seen in America. And we are in extreme want of a sufficient number of cannon to fortify those important passes, without which we can. neither annoy General Gage, if it should become necessary, nor defend ourselves against him.

We therefore must most earnestly recommend this, very important matter to your immediate consideration; and we would suggest it, as our opinion, that the appointing Colonel Arnold to take charge of them, and bring them down, with all possible haste, may be a means of settling any disputes which may have arisen between him and some other officers, which we are always desirous to avoid, and more especially at a time when our common danger ought to unite us in the strongest bonds of unity and affection.

We are, gentlemen, &c.

This Congress having received authentick intelligence that the Fort at Ticonderoga is surrendered into the hands of Colonel Ethan Allen and others, together with the Artillery and Artillery Stores, Ammunition, &c˙, thereunto belonging, for the benefit of these Colonies, occasioned by the intrepid valour of a number of men under the command of the said Colonel Allen, Colonel Easton of the Massachusetts, and others; and by the advice and direction of the Committee for that expedition, the said Colonel Allen is to remain in possession of the same and its dependencies, until further order:

Resolved, That this Congress do highly approve of the same; and the General Assembly of the Colony of


are hereby desired to give directions relative to garrisoning and maintaining the same, for the future, until the advice of the Continental Congress can be had in that behalf.

And as this Colony is in want of some Battering Cannon for their defence immediately, it is further Resolved, That the President of this Congress be Desired to write to the General Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut, desiring that they would give order for the immediate removal of some of those Cannon to this Colony, for the purpose aforesaid.

Adjourned to three o' clock, P.M.