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Council of Safety meets at Talbot County Court-House


Thursday, November 30, 1775.

At a meeting of the Eastern Shore branch of the Council of Safety of Maryland, at Talbot County Court-House, by adjournment, were present, the following Members, viz: James Hollyday, Richard Lloyd, Edward Lloyd, Thomas Smyth, Henry Hooper, Esquires.

William Hindman, having previously subscribed the Association, was qualified as Clerk to this Council, before William Hayward, Esq˙, by taking the oath prescribed by the Convention.

Captain Thomas Ennalls, of the Cambridge Blues, produced to the Council a paper writing, hereto annexed, purporting to be the Commitment of Abraham Gibbs and Benjamin Shockly, together with the bodies of the said Gibbs and Shockly; and a Letter from the Committee of Observation for Worcester County, and sundry Depositions relating to the said Gibbs and Shockly were communicated to the Council and read: and thereupon,

Ordered, That the said Gibbs and Shockly be committed to the custody of the Committee of Observation for Talbot County, to be kept under a safe guard, and produced to this Council at their sitting at this place tomorrow, and the said Captain Ennalls is discharged of the custody of the said Gibbs and Shockly.

The Board adjourned till to-morrow morning, ten o' clock.