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Marine Committee to Nathaniel Falconer



Philadelphia, October 9, 1776.

SIR: You are hereby authorized and directed to repair to Providence, in Rhode-Island, and there view, examine, and inspect two frigates lately built, and now lying at that place. You are to call on the respectable Committee of gentlemen under whose direction they were built, and are to be fitted; give them notice of your arrival and appointment to this service; require from them an inventory of the Continental stores provided for these ships, and examine into the quality of the same, comparing the said stores with the inventory to see that they agree, and you are to make report, as soon as may be, to this Committee of the state


and condition of these ships, as to the strength, workmanship, beauty, and other qualities; also, as to the quality and quantity of stores, number of men and officers belonging to them, and of their forwardness for the sea. And all persons employed in the building or fitting of said frigates are hereby required to aid and assist you, if need there be, in performing the service hereby enjoined you. And for so doing this shall be your warrant.

Given under our hands at the Marine Office, the day and year first above written.

To Nathaniel Falconer, Esq.