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June 3, Resolutions of Congress on the Report of the Committee of the Whole, Secret Committee authorized to export produce of the Colonies to the West-Indies, sufficient to pay for ten thousand stand of arms



Resolved, as the opinion of this Committee, That three Majors-General and two Brigadiers-General be added to the Continental Establishment of General Officers; and that the vacancies in the offices of Adjutant-General and Quartermaster-General be filled up.

That the Governour and Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut, the Convention of New York, the General Assembly of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, the Convention of the Colony of New Jersey, and the several Conventions of such other of the United Colonies, in which there are any Lead Mines, be requested to transmit to Congress, with all convenient despatch, the state and condition of the Lead Mines in their respective Colonies, and use the most speedy means to procure their being wrought to effect.

That it be earnestly recommended to the Assemblies, Conventions, and Committees of Safety, in the United Colonies, to fall upon the most effectual means of removing the Stocks, Grain, and Meal from such parts of their respective Colonies as are invaded, or are in imminent danger of being invaded, by the enemy.

That two Provincial Brigadiers-General be employed in the Canada Department — one from Massachusetts Bay and one from Connecticut.

That four Provincial Brigadiers-General be employed in the New York Department — one from Massachusetts Bay, one from Connecticut, one from New York, and one from New Jersey.

That three Brigadiers-General be employed for the Flying-Camp, viz: two from Pennsylvania and one from Maryland.

That the said Brigadiers-General be appointed by the respective Colonies above-mentioned.

That the Commander-in-Chief be authorized to form and fix such Magazines of Provisions and Military Stores as he may judge necessary.