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Deacon Cheever Authorized to Receive Canon and Mortars


At a Meeting of the Committees of Safety and Supplies, at the house of Mr˙ Whittemore' s, of Charlestown, on Thursday, the 5th of January, 1775, Present:

COMMITTEE OF SAFETY. — John Hancock, Esquire, Dr. Warren, Mr˙ Watson, Colonel Heath, and John Pigeon.

COMMITTEE OF SUPPLIES. — Colonel Lee, Mr˙ Gill, Deacon Cheever, Mr˙ Hall, and Colonel Lincoln.

Voted, That the last vote at the Meeting on the 20th ultimo, wherein a Committee was appointed to write a Letter to Henry Gardner, Esquire, directing him to write to the Collectors and Constables, requesting immediate payment of the Taxes for 1773, and 1774, and all other Province Debts, be reconsidered; which was done, and voted, that it subside, and that said Gardner receive the Taxes, &c˙, when brought to him.

Voted, That Doctor Warren be desired to wait on Col. Robinson, to desire him to deliver to any person Deacon Cheever shall send, two brass Cannon, and two seven-inch Mortars and Beds; and that Mr˙ William Daws be desired to deliver to said Cheever, one pair brass Cannon, and that the said Cheever procure Carriages for said Cannon, or any other Cannon that require them; that the Battering Cannon Carriages be carried to the Cannon at Waltham, and that the Cannon and Carriages remain there till further orders.

Voted, That the Committees adjourn, and meet at this place on the last Wednesday in this month, at eleven o' clock; but if stormy, the next fair day.