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Address of fine President and Professors of William and Mary


To his Excellency the Earl of DUNMORE, Governour of VIRGINIA.

May it please your Excellency:

We his Majesty' s dutiful and loyal subjects, the President and Professors of William and Mary College, moved by an impulse of unfeigned joy, cannot help congratulating your Excellency on such a series of agreeable events, as the success of your enterprise against the Indians, the addition to your family by the birth of a daughter, and your safe as well as glorious return to the capital of this Dominion.

May the great fatigues and dangers which you so readily and cheerfully undergo in the service of your Government, be ever crowned with victory! May you ever find the publick benefits thence arising attended with domestick blessings! And, may you always feel the enlivening pleasure of reading in the countenances around you, wherever you turn your eyes, such expressions of affection as can be derived only from applauding and grateful hearts!

To which his Excellency was pleased to return the following Answer:

GENTLEMEN: I cannot but receive every instance of the attention of a learned and respectable body, such as yours, with a great degree of satisfaction; but the affectionate and very obliging terms in which you are pleased to express your good wishes towards me, on this occasion, demand my cordial thanks, and will ever be impressed on my mind.