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Feb 29


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, February 29, 1776.

Parole, Franklin.

Countersign, Carroll.

The commanding officers of Brigades are to order all the spears in the several posts and redoubts to be examined, cleaned, and collected in the proper places, and make a return of the number fit for service in each Brigade, and where deposited.

Ensign Andrew Brown, of the Seventh Regiment of Foot, tried at a late General Court-Martial, whereof Colonel Phinney was President, for "insulting and challenging his commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Moulton. "The court were of opinion that the prisoner was not guilty of the whole of the charge, but only of insulting Colonel Moulton; therefore, adjudge him publickly to ask pardon of Lieutenant-Colonel Moulton for the affront.

The General approves the sentence, and orders the execution of it to be as soon as possible, and the prisoner then to be released from his arrest.