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General Washington to Governour Trumbull



Cambridge, February 22, 1776.

GOVERNOUR TRUMBULL: In my letter to you of the 19th


instant, I mentioned that I was sorry to find that there were come but forty-two hundred and seventeen pounds of powder, instead of six or eight thousand I had expectations of. I had taken my information from Governour Cooke' s letter, which, upon a reperusal, I find mentions that weight, including the casks. I have since had it weighed by the Commissary, an exact return of which you have enclosed, by which you will see that the nett weight is three thousand five hundred and seventy-seven pounds; five hundred and seventy-seven pounds thereof will be placed to the credit of your Colony, and the whole settled for in whatever manner will be most agreeable.

I have just received a letter from J˙ Huntington, Esq˙, with the agreeable account of his having forwarded two tons of powder to this camp, by your order. Accept, sir, of my thanks for this seasonable supply. When it arrives I shall send you an account of it, and, when you point out the mode, it shall be paid for, or replaced, in the manner you and the rest of your Legislature shall think proper.

I have nothing new at present to communicate to you from hence, but you may be assured that I am, with great esteem, sir, your most obedient servant,

To Governour Trumbull.