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Copies of the General Association of New-York


Committee Chamber, New-York, May 15, 1775.

Resolved, That copies of the Association be lodged at the following places in the respective Wards in this City, to wit:

In the South-Ward, at the house of Mr˙ John Lasher;

Dock-Ward, at the house of Mr˙ Gerardus Duyckinck;

East-Ward, at the house of Mr˙ John Imlay;

West-Ward at the house of Mr˙ Peter T˙ Curtenius;

North-Ward, at the house of Mr˙ John White;

Montgomerie-Ward, the house of Mr˙ Petrus Byvanck;

Out-Ward, at the house of Mr˙ Thomas Ivers;

To the intent, that all such persons who have not yet subscribed the Association, may with the greater convenience do it. And it is hereby recommended to them to make their subscriptions as speedily as possible, as returns of all such as decline are to be made to the Committee.

By order of the Committee:

ISAAC LOW, Chairman.